Aurora Diagnostics LLC Completes The Acquisition Of West Georgia Pathology, LLC.

Aurora Diagnostics, LLC announced the acquisition of West Georgia Pathology, LLC.  Haverford Healthcare Advisors initiated this transaction and served as exclusive financial advisor to Aurora Diagnostics, LLC.

West Georgia Pathology, LLC is a hospital-based practice based in Carrolton, Georgia.  Its pathologists operate from a single location and have a strong reputation for providing high quality pathology services to the three local hospitals in the Tanner Health System, as well as medical director services to area clinics.  Its highly qualified pathologists bring extensive experience and diverse backgrounds to Aurora’s acclaimed network of pathologists.

Aurora Diagnostics, LLC is the leading independent specialized laboratory company focused on anatomic pathology at 23 locations in the United States.  Employing over 110 licensed physicians, Aurora Diagnostics provides high-quality diagnostics and testing information for the patients of its primary referral sources – dermatologists, OB/GYN professionals, gastroenterologists, urologists, general surgeons, oncologists, and for approximately 57 community hospitals.

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